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Whitebirch is the preeminent modeling platform for organizations that leverage financial modeling in their decision-making process. Corporations, public power utilities, water and wastewater utilities, local governments, higher education institutions, healthcare organizations, transportation agencies, and other public and private entities come to us for a unified modeling platform that scales from the business analyst’s desk to the boardroom.

How do I know your numbers are right

How do I know your numbers are right?

It is the question finance professionals dread when presenting their financial model to their stakeholders:

The more complex the model, the less trust and confidence stakeholders have in traditional spreadsheet approaches. Whitebirch offers full transparency into the entire financial model. Users can drill-down directly (in real-time) to any reported number and display a detailed explanation of how the number is calculated.

Version control


Creating financial models typically requires multiple people building, reviewing, approving, and presenting the outcomes. For many organizations this means passing around files and data, which sometimes leads to accuracy, data integrity, and version control issues.

PFM Solutions CTO Kel Hoffmann discusses how the Whitebirch platform eliminates version control issues.



Internal and external stakeholders rely on their financial models to drive mission critical decisions. Static reports and seemingly endless slide decks do not facilitate good discussions.

Whitebirch allows users to configure dashboards to drive discussions and present results. Users easily design and build decks, comprising as many slides as needed, to present modeling outcomes and results. These decks are interactive with the underlying model. Updates to assumptions, variables, initiatives, and projects immediately and organically update the user-defined reports and graphs on the decks. This allows for much richer discussions in your strategic decision-making process.

Eliminating Model Risk


Whitebirch clients know their projections are correct. Built-in business and accounting rules help control and enhance model integrity and the accuracy of all projections.

Many organizations operate with black box models. Senior Solutions Consultant Michael Nicolescu explains what they are and how they introduce risk into the organization.

Ratio Analysis problems_we_solve


The Whitebirch Ratio Library includes key financial ratios designed to be consistent with those calculated by the rating agencies. Draw on these libraries, copy or modify the formulas, and/or customize your own metrics to focus decision-making, meet Board requirements, or manage debt covenants.

Whitebirch's ratios go beyond simple division. Built-in intelligence allows them to be displayed over multiple timeframes, including by month, quarter, and/or year without customization.