Iowa Lakes Regional Water Goes Live on Whitebirch On Demand

Friday, February 9, 2018

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Ayesha Mays
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Iowa Lakes Regional Water Goes Live on Whitebirch On Demand

PHILADELPHIA – February 9, 2018: Iowa Lakes Regional Water (ILRW) is live on the Whitebirch On Demand platform. ILRW is using Whitebirch to perform revenue and expense trend analysis with a focus on forecasting their current budget. Additionally, ILRW is using the software to evaluate changes in debt service schedules and other scenario impacts on their budget and coverage ratios. Of particular importance is the platform’s ability to help them make decisions around major projects and initiatives, such as building a new water treatment plant, an alternative energy project, and adding new bulk customers.

Brad Veit, Chief Financial Officer, is the main user.

Whitebirch Multi-Year Planning for Water & Wastewater delivers to CFOs, Finance Directors, and their Boards the ability to isolate and analyze threats and opportunities in their financial future.

  • Delivered in the Cloud – no hardware or software to maintain
  • Built for Collaboration – version control issues are completely eliminated
  • Easy to Implement – average time to “go live” is 2-4 weeks
  • Best Practice Approach – leverages PFM’s long history helping authorities and districts solve budget and finance challenges

About PFM Solutions:
PFM Solutions LLC focuses exclusively on developing and delivering bestofbreed financial modeling technology and services to public and private markets. Our professionals have a 10year track record of helping clients with mission critical decisionmaking. ​For more information about the Whitebirch Multi-Year Planning for Water & Wastewater solution, contact Sunny Chun or visit Whitebirch Software.

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