A System Like No Other

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Whitebirch models are easy to build, manage, and validate. All of these attributes are born of our object-oriented architecture, which permits users to design, build, manage, validate, and even change the projection logic of model elements in a single location. Once built, the validated logic may then be shared by other objects; that is, the objects on which the projections are based inherit the logic of the parent object. When building or changing logic, users need not change every element of the model, just the parent objects. This concept of inheritance is central to Whitebirch’s value.

Most financial modelers are adept at working with spreadsheets and cells. Many have developed sophisticated "moves" to overcome the inherent limitations of spreadsheets. The Whitebirch Financial Modeling Platform is designed with objects, not cells. CTO Kel Hoffmann explains why this is important.

Integrated Financials 2

Integrated Financials out of the box

The Whitebirch platform fully automates the development of integrated financial statements, including:

  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement
  • Cash Flow Statement

Monthly and quarterly statements can seamlessly roll-up into annual or semiannual statements.

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The object-oriented design of the Whitebirch platform ensures complete transparency into model calculations, formulas, and logic. Users can drill down to the detailed explanations of any number or resultant in their model. No more tracing precedents from cell to cell and sheet to sheet.

If the underlying formulas, calculations and logic in your model are not transparent, stakeholders will not be confident in the outcomes. CTO Kel Hoffmann discusses how to build confidence in your models.

Serious Modelers: Unlimited Scenarios for Deeper Analysis

Serious Modelers: Unlimited Scenarios for Deeper Analysis

Whitebirch is designed with revolutionary capabilities that allow users to simultaneously consider essentially unlimited numbers of scenarios - all within the same model. Alternative sets of assumptions, formulas, projects, and data reside in different layers, which then may be folded into (or on top of) the projection to produce infinite analytical possibilities. This innovative approach eliminates the need to create and maintain multiple versions of the model.


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Collaboration is essential for building consensus and making smarter business decisions. Whitebirch offers the ability for multiple users to access, use, and change the model at the same time. For changes in the modeling engine, a change log is provided to track changes to the underlying model, in its totality, by object, or even line item.

Unlike legacy financial modeling options, the Whitebirch Financial Modeling Platform is designed for collaboration. Director of Training, Quinn Henry, discusses how Whitebirch brings modelers and non-modelers together.

Serious Modelers: Multi Dimensional Analysis

Serious Modelers: Multi-Dimensional Analysis

Whitebirch is designed to produce mission critical financial projections - it is purpose-built exactly for this level of financial modeling. The idea is to provide a platform on which the myriad factors that drive our clients’ businesses can be properly analyzed and communicated.

Comparative analysis – pivoting – is designed into the Whitebirch platform. Users can create model dimensions (i.e. business unit, location, product, fund, restriction) and pivot the data accurately and easily – without IT involvement.

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Whitebirch features a customizable presentation modality. Users can design and build decks, comprising as many slides as needed, to drive and present results. These decks are interactive with the underlying model. Updates to assumptions, variables, initiatives, and projects immediately and organically update the user-defined reports and graphs on the decks.