Typical Questions Whitebirch Answers:

  • How might changes in federal funding impact operations, maintenance and capital planning?
  • What is the possible impact of technologies on revenues, expenses, and employees?
  • What is an acceptable timetable and strategy for the maintenance of or replacement of aging assets?
  • How do we compare to rating agency medians and what changes might we enact to enhance our credit profile?
  • Can we afford a new project or an upgrade to an existing asset?
  • Which capital structure is optimal for a given operating projection and/or capital plan?

Common Uses:

  • Revenues provided by outside consultants
  • Authority projections for both revenues and expenditures
  • Federal aid components
  • Non-project revenues such as sales taxes or other transportation related taxes
  • Investments
  • Employee compensation (salaries and benefits)
  • Non-personnel expenses
  • Debt (bonds, notes, leases, letters of credit, swaps)
  • Debt restructuring
  • Maintenance and major capital renewal and replacement projects
  • Public-Private Partnership impacts on projects, operations and capital

Whitebirch Solves for Transportation

Most transportation agencies and authorities, including airports, maritime ports, toll roads, and transit, view their enterprise over long-term planning horizons. Financing their large infrastructure projects often involves very long-term debt (30 to 40+ years), while revenues and expenses are projected over similarly long periods. These projections often consider funding sources sensitive to economic and political factors that evolve and shift at both the state and federal levels. Operating and maintenance expenses need to be evaluated over the life of their long-lived assets, and major replacement initiatives require constant updates to sensitivity and what-if analysis.

What is the Achilles Heel of spreadsheet models? PFM Solutions CTO Kel Hoffmann explains:
financial model version control
Senior Quality Assurance Engineer, Doug Shapiro gives his views on the beauty of the Whitebirch platform:
The beauty of the software