Typical Questions Whitebirch Answers:

  • How would a change in local economic conditions affect local tax revenue?
  • What is the long-term impact of changes of levels of state and federal aid on the local government operating and capital budget?
  • How should a labor negotiation or other personnel strategy prioritize across wage adjustments, benefits reform, and work rule changes?
  • What effect will new programs, facilities, or even annexation have on future revenue and capital and operating costs?
  • What will the operating budget impact be for increased spending on capital projects?
  • Is the local government well prepared to weather the next economic downturn, with sufficient reserves and manageable risk exposure?

Common Uses:

  • Historic trends – we will look at the last three-five years of actual revenue and expenditure data
  • Projections related to the local and regional economy
  • Known changes – e.g. impact of collective bargaining agreements, annual pension contribution requirements, intergovernmental funding, new facilities coming on line
  • Likely changes – e.g. likely impact of known major economic changes (e.g. major new property development that would produce property tax revenue or loss of major employer)
  • National trends – where more regional or local projections are not available, national projections (e.g. we frequently look at national trends with respect to the long-term cost of health care)
  • Potential changes – e.g. adjustments to tax rates, pay adjustments, new capital investment

Whitebirch Solves for Multi Year Planning

Local governments are complex enterprises that need to develop multi-year financial plans that accurately portray how shifts in state aid, health and pension costs, capital investments and other initiatives will impact services and long-term sustainability. Telling that financial story to internal and external stakeholders is never easy.

PFM Solutions President, Brett Matteo, discusses our experience working with local governments:
Local government and municipality domain expertise
Director of Local Government Solutions, Dan Berger, discusses the Whitebirch On Demand for Local Governments solution:
financial modeling software for local governments

Local Government Debt & Capital

Local Government Debt & Capital

The Whitebirch Local Government Multi Year Planning Solution from PFM is designed to help finance directors, city councils, county commissioners and other stakeholders answer mission critical questions about their financial future.