Typical Questions Whitebirch Answers:

  • How do changes in enrollment impact the school’s income statement?
  • Which new programs (academic, athletic, performing arts) and facilities does the school need to effectively compete for students in the market and how does the school pay for those programs and capital projects – school resources, debt, fundraising or a combination of all sources?
  • How would delaying the implementation of a new program or capital project impact the school’s financial performance?
  • What is the financial impact of the school’s retention strategy?
  • What would be the impact on the school’s endowment/investment portfolio of a (severe) decline in the stock and/or bond markets? How does reallocating assets impact the school’s investment portfolio and the school’s financial performance?
  • What would be the impact of a fundraising campaign on the school’s financial operations? What if the fundraising campaign falls short of its target?
  • What is the school’s debt capacity? Are the school’s debt covenants appropriate for the school’s financial position?
  • How do changes in faculty and other employee compensation affect the school’s operating performance?

Common Uses:

  • Student Enrollment (cohorts, FTEs, SCHs)
  • Tuition (including differential tuition)
  • Aid (discount, waives, remissions)
  • Auxiliary enterprises
  • Gifts (by type, by restriction), pledges versus pledge payments
  • Appropriations
  • Grants
  • Investments
  • Endowments
  • Employee compensation (salaries and benefits)
  • Non-personnel expenses
  • Debt (bonds, notes, leases, letters of credit, swaps)
  • Deferred maintenance (Facility Condition Index)
  • Operating initiatives

Whitebirch Solves for Independent Schools

Economic realities (competition, demand and cost) and staffing constraints make financial analysis a mission critical need for independent school business officers. Decisions related to enrollment management, financial aid, fundraising, investments, debt, capital, and faculty and employees need to be analyzed under varying sets of assumptions.

PFM Solutions President, Brett Matteo, discusses our experience working with higher education institutions:
financial modeling domain expertise for independent schools
Solutions Specialist, Eva Domi, discusses the features in the Whitebirch On Demand for Independent Schools solution:
financial modeling software for independent schools