K – 12 School Districts Multi Year Planning

Typical Questions Whitebirch Answers:

  • What is the impact of delays or changes in state / federal aid on the District’s operating and capital budget?
  • How will increased spending on capital projects impact the operating budget?
  • How will new academic programs impact future revenues and operating costs?
  • What options should the district consider given the projected liabilities for pension and other post-employment benefits?
  • Will we have the financial resources to support the District’s academic programs and goals?
  • What are the financial and operating impacts of potential shifts in student enrollment?
  • What is the impact of a new collective bargaining agreement?
  • How will debt and capital decisions impact ratings scorecards?

Common Uses:

  • Analyzing historic trends of revenue and expenditure data
  • Real time sensitivity testing of key drivers
  • Financial presentations to School Board Officials, Rating Agencies and other internal and external stakeholders
  • Modeling changes in economic climate and other macro economic trends (i.e. recession scenarios)
  • Understanding the impact of new property developments or other changes to tax base
  • Analyzing and testing the impact of new initiatives and projects


CFOs, Finance Teams and Superintendents must get beyond this year’s budget and clearly understand, and model, the financial trajectory of their School District. Whitebirch is an easy to implement (2 weeks) and easy to use solution that provides sensitivity testing and analysis for student funding, staffing and retirement, property taxes, debt and credit, rating agencies scorecard and much more.

PFM Solutions Director of Training, Quinn Henry, discusses Whitebirch helps elevate your modeling game.