Client Success

Time to Value: The Most Important Metric

Time to Value (TtV) is an important metric in our implementation approach. Our goal is to help every client leverage the strategic decision making capabilities of the Whitebirch Financial Modeling Platform quickly and efficiently.

The onboarding process for the platform typically occurs over a 90-day period. There are three major components in the process:

  1. Model Design Consulting. The goal of model design is twofold; first we want to ensure that the model you build will help drive the outcomes you want. We have tremendous domain expertise in financial modeling and we help every client apply the best practices right for their business. This involves teaching your team how to build and maintain models in Whitebirch and supporting you every step of the way.
  2. Project Management. We build consensus around the tasks, milestones, and resources involved in the 90-day onboarding process, load them up in a Gantt Chart, then call cadence to the plan to ensure deadlines are met.
  3. Training. The goal of training is to build an internal knowledge base that allows your team to become self-sufficient. The training is structured and paced to ensure the lessons are absorbed and the learners are progressing. This is accomplished via both in person and online events.

Training Needs video client-success


Training is organized around the two primary user types: Power user training is for the individuals responsible to building and maintaining models.

Strategic user training focuses on the Presentation Deck capabilities of the platform. These users are typically responsible for analyzing and presenting the outcomes from the modeling exercise.

Director of Training, Quinn Henry, discusses the keys to client success.

Implementation video client-success


Alexia Pereira is a member of the PFM Solutions Support Team. She works with clients every day helping them get to the answers they seek from their financial modeling exercise. In this video she discusses what clients like best about the Whitebirch Financial Modeling Platform.