Forecasting for the Future: Iowa Lakes Regional Water (ILRW) and Financial Modeling

 Adapting to an Evolving Marketplace with Whitebirch

Adapting to an Evolving Marketplace with Whitebirch

Over the past decade, the water industry’s top concerns have remained focused on financing both infrastructure renewal and replacement and capital improvement projects. According to the American Water Works Association’s annual State of the Water Industry report, more than half of survey participants ranked these issues as critically important, which is consistent with responses from previous years.1 Due in part to its small size, ILRW, which provides water to homes and farms in Northwest Iowa and Southwest Minnesota, feels the heightened effects of these concerns. With fewer resources and a lower population density, the prudent allocation of expenditures is crucial to ILRW’s long-term sustainability. With the help of PFM’s Whitebirch, ILRW evaluates the impact that major projects and initiatives have on revenue and expenses, helping them make informed strategic decisions about their financial future.

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Author: Kevin Kuhar

Published: August 2018