The Whitebirch platform is unmatched in the universe of financial modeling software. It is architected for one purpose – exceptional financial modeling


Whitebirch is a complete, end-to-end modeling platform that addresses the needs of all stakeholders – from the business analyst to the C-Suite.

Board Quality Presentations

Make your financial story come to life by dynamically changing your assumptions and leveraging the platform's built-in presentation capabilities.

Whitebirch Serves Serious Modelers across All Industries

The point of financial modeling

Understanding Your Financial Future

Financial Modeling is about decision-making. The whole point of building a financial model is to better understand your financial future. You have an organic business where the variables will change in the future – and you want to know what will happen. PFM Solutions President, Brett Matteo, offers his views on this important topic.

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Whitebirch owns a patent for a revolutionary concept known as layering. Using layers, every line item can have any number of versions (i.e. plan, budget, actual or base, best and worst). This gives stakeholders the ability to get more answers from their models. PFM Solutions CTO Kel Hoffmann explains.

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The term financial modeling software is often used to describe a broad suite of use cases, from accounting software (capturing and organizing the results of historical transactions), to business intelligence software (slicing, dicing, and pivoting historical data to extract information), to budgeting software (rolling-up distributed current-year detailed estimates to create the essentially...

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Our team of modelers


It is our team of modelers who bring the...

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Every so often I run across a new piece of software which starts off its pitch by denigrating the competition: spreadsheets. 

I remember getting marketing materials from Sinper in the 1980s telling me to throw away my spreadsheet and use TM/1, the new “relational spreadsheet.” Well, that didn’t happen, even though...

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PFM Solutions LLC (PFM-S) focuses exclusively on developing and delivering best-of-breed financial modeling technology and services to public and private markets. We have a 10-year track record of helping clients with mission-critical strategic decision-making.

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